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Van Stadens 06.07.2013

Our monthly meeting, this time a talk by Kay and Angie from Elands nurseries. They had one to quite a bit of trouble bringing plants for the talk which made the poor turnout doubly disappointing. I feel the participation is going from bad to worse and seriously question the effort we put into doing all these things to promote the reserve.

Be that as it may, it was an interesting talk and we took Kay and Angie on a tour of the nursery and they had good words to say about our work.


Here Neil and Kirk are discussing the various plants on display.

Afterwards we still did some work clearing Keurbooms and Podalyrias opposite the conference centre while I got stuck into chainsawing the left-over stumps of one of the Strelizias in the entrance circle. One more to go (the biggest).

IMGP2739On arrival we were surprised and pleased to see a pair of hornbills visiting the reserve, it has been a while since we have seen some.





When the rest had left we still went back into the reserve to give our two picnic tables a second coat, measured up a third one to be fixed, collected some seeds and played with the water supply in the arboretum.


The cycling track leading off the main picnic site is looking good.