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Mad dogs and Dutchmen

It really was a day to stay home, the forecast was rain the whole day and for once the forecast was right. The sensible people in out group let us know they weren’t coming but we still needed to take more plants to the reserve and there was still lots to prepare so we packed some dry clothes and off we went.

Goodman was back from leave so we popped in and had a chat, quite subdued, it seems that the recent organizational changes will take him some time to get used to.


We offloaded the trailer in the pouring rain and Ellie reorganized the plants on the platform and brought some more from the nursery and the shade house while I got stuck into sorting our the Fovs room so we’ll have some space on Saturday. At least I had a roof over my head even though there are a few leaks.

Miraculously it cleared just enough after lunch to allow us to fix the tap on the main picnic site with hopefully a more vandal proof arrangement.


When that was done I thought it was time to go home but first needed to find out why the toilet wasn’t flushing. Somehow someone had managed to crack a bracket in the cistern, hopefully we can fix that before Saturday.


The forecast for the rest of the week is reasonable but I’m afraid that the tracks will be quite soggy for the runners and the cyclist and probably for the wheelbarrows as well. There seems to be a lot of interest though so we hope for a good day.

Geocaching day

The annual Geocaching event took place at the Reserve today in much better weather than the persistent rain last year. We got roped in to man what they call roadblocks but didn’t mind because at these roadblocks the six teams had to do some work for us.

Tree planting:


Ellie in charge of the planting of twenty trees to replace the blue gums, by now we have planted quite a forest for our grandchildren’s children to enjoy.

Podalyria hacking:


Cathy got them busy with pulling out many Podalyria seedlings, still many to go but we are making a difference.

Protea moving:


Keith managed to get 750 bags with Proteacea moved from the nursery to the platform, no mean feat.

Strelizia hacking:


I made good use of the muscle power provided to get rid of two massive Strelizia plants along the Lilly Pond so the source of seedlings is now greatly reduced. One more to go and we will be rid of the invader in that area.

After all the hard work it was time for relaxing which they did in style at the braai area.


More preparations

Heads down today sorting out plants for the sale, no end to moving and sorting, from the greenhouse and shade house to the nursery, grouping like plants together, more dotting etc.

It is all coming together and with the new signs it looks rather professional, unfortunately too busy to take pics.

We also found out that one sprinkler is broken and the tap on the main picnic site has been broken off so a visit to the plumbing supplier is in order and somehow we have to make things even more vandal proof.

The staff is still at it, some serious weeding and cleaning up around the dell and some major cleanup around the manager’s house with the trees pruned and Strelizia nicolai cut right down.

I managed to level one small section in the shade house, the rest will have to wait till after the sale.

Lean to

Today’s main job was to put the shade cloth on the revamped shade house lean to. Apart from issues with the stapler it went well and we are happy with the result.P1030002

The floor is very uneven so I have asked Sisanie to bring some soil when it is a bit drier so I can level it.

Cathy and Ellie got busy with the paintbrush to color code the bags for the sale, quite a job.


No, not the month but the new interim manager. Goodman is on a month leave and in the meantime December has been seconded from Settlers Park to look after the Reserve and he is cracking the whip. All of the staff are weeding and trimming both traffic circles amongst other things. I have never seen them work so hard. Some of our precious plants are trampled in the process but still well worth it. We lost no time to impress on December that the Xhosa hut needs sorting out and that everything needs to look spic and span on the Open Day.

We mainly concentrated on the shade house and nursery and after tea put up the braai sign:


Keith cut some more wood slices for the sale, we now have a whole heap and after lunch I took the brush cutter to prepare for the geocacher’s upcoming task of clearing a large Strelizia nicolai and also widened a section of the Nymph trail while Ellie took on her role as tourguide with the Redhouse Garden Club which was much appreciated.

Be prepared

Soon the Open Day will be upon us and still plenty to do to get ready in the nursery. Fortunately most of the usual suspects responded to our plea and got going, sorting, naming, weeding, dotting and moving.


P1020984The news signs make it a lot easier to identify and group the plants and will give the potential buyers a better idea what they are looking at.


In spite of the rain

We chose to ignore the warnings of rain, after all, it said “clearing from the west”. The soil is now so saturated that we don’t really want to drive in the nursery because we make rather deep tracks but just walking from the office to the nursery one needs a wetsuit.P1020974

It was still drizzling on arrival so just as well that I first had to cut some braces for the shade house so the Fovs room got metamorphosed into a workshop with due protection for our shiny table tops. The braces got installed between showers and it starts to look promising.


Plenty of plants for the sale, just hope that the weather will be better than.

After lunch we took some time out for a drive around the newly surfaced perimeter road and spotted this new sign to Rob’s roost:


Well done, now the actual bench needs a lick of varnish and it will look real spiffy.