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Plumbing, again….

Full program today and on top of that we also had a phone call they would deliver the new benches so instead of our usual first delivery to the nursery we went straight to the arboretum to prepare for the installation of the water pipe. This went well so we were back at the nursery in time to take delivery of the three new benches at ten, oil the stubborn door to Rob’s garage, offload the trailer and make space in the shade house.

After coffee break we all five got the black pipe and started shoving it into the old 50mm pipe. Didn’t start off well as we hit the first blockage after 3m and then another 3m but thankfully it was clear after that. It was great teamwork as it was further than I thought and we needed all the pushing power.

Later on we glued the connectors etc. Pity it has to set for 24 hours so we can only test it next time and then we also want to do the same to the eastern side.

Back at the nursery Goodman had just arrived from doing a survey at Colchester so we had a chat and he asked if I could have a look why Tony had no electricity in his house. Well, with the old wiring, multiplugs and suspect breakers it could be a bit of a challenge I don’t really need. Of course a good moment to tell him to get us more potting soil and also put the benches in their proper places complete with concrete foundations.

Finally I took a few pics of the cycad by the fovs room as it looks very good at the moment.


Catching up

I haven’t blogged the past few times we’ve been to VS because it tends to become repetitive but, as this is a record what we do, I need at least try to keep it up.

Our focus has been two-pronged lately, the nursery and the arboretum and both show steady progress. In the nursery you can see that the Proteas are getting their autumn growth spurt, especially in the shade house they are looking good and the re-bagging process makes the nursery look a lot more organised.

Pity it is so difficult to get soil because I would like to spread some soil between the roots of the acacia and cover it with weedguard to make it easier to move a wheelbarrow around. Unfortunately between a broken tractor and other things to do it seems a low priority.

The steady stream of seedlings from our house continues, one trailer full of about 100 plants every week so the nursery is filling up nicely.

We decided to buy a new chainsaw, our old one has seen a lot of service with the bluegums and all and faced with a repair quote of R2500 it makes sense to replace it with a more fool proof model.

With more than 100 trees now planted in the arboretum watering them has become somewhat of a issue so our next mission is to put a few more taps in strategic positions using the excess pipe Rob recovered from Thomas’s place. No time get bored yet I’m afraid.


We were away camping which of course does not mean that work comes to a standstill as our hacking team kept up their sterling work and also inspected the new game fence which has sprung up along the north-east border of the reserve.

Many unanswered questions here. We hear rumours that buffalo will be bred there and wonder why there is a gate in the fence giving access into the reserve and if the road made by the loggers will be a permanent feature. It is disheartening that, in spite of our ten year positive track record, we are seldom informed what the plans are or are consulted. Two steps forward, one step back.

Being away did not stop Ellie from collecting Atalaya capensis seed among others which will no doubt find their way into the nursery.

Monthly meeting

Ellie’s posting to Facebook, I can’t say it any better:

A HUGE thank you to the 8 people that came to our monthly meeting! Although all of us were the core group.Though in the arboretum, we got 7 big burned trees taken down and cut into pieces. A lot of alien trees cut and poisoned, lots of Bryophyllums taken out. A big corner all burned and dead bush removed plus another section also dead bushes and branches etc. removed. Another 7 trees got planted. Lots of brush-cutting along the edges etc. got done and our now nearly 100 trees that we recently planted got watered! We all came out black from the burned stuff, bleeding from cuts and sore from cutting though feeling very good with what we achieved. Well done all!!1-17504398_10154227463285738_578942456164393949_oNearly all of the burnt trees at the entrance to the Arboretum have now been felled. There is still lots to do to make the place attractive, good to see though that, in spite of the drought the fynbos is recovering well and, thanks to the dillegent watering and mulching, the trees are doing great.

A few of us stayed behind for a well deserved braai and the odd refreshment.