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In our efforts to find out the names of some of the plants in the reserve we made these collages and sent them to the experts.


Senecio ruwenzoriensis


Osteospermum polygaloides

and we also wanted to find out the difference between the Widdringtonias.


Amazing how much scope there still is to discover plants.

Brunsvigia grandiflora

We carried on with the irrigation pipes in the arboretum to make life a little easier when watering the trees, just trying to keep on top of things.

Later we worked in the nursery, mainly weeding and discovered these lovely Brunsvigias in one of the beds behind the misting house.


We will keep an eye on it to collect some seeds and try and grow it.

Of many things

We fooled ourselves into thinking that today would be a relaxing day as there wasn’t much on our to-do list which had been in any case left at home. By now we should know better.

As Ellie had arranged for the ride-on mower to be fetched for service one of us had to stay behind at the nursery so I got cracking at dismantling the old picnic benches while Ellie braved the cold water of the Tilapia dam to do some “gardening” on the big island.

We have finally decided that the old wooden picnic benches are beyond repair so we have bought three plastic picnic benches to replace them. To rip them up and take them to the nursery was quickly done , we are afraid installing the new ones will take a bit longer as it involves concreting them in and buying a pocket of cement is a major undertaking.

The mower was duly fetched and we could go to the Arboretum where a major surprise awaited us. Skali and Patrick had taken it upon themselves to mow all the paths and what a fantastic job they had done.


Ellie and Cathy cleared one of the old flower beds and dug in a variety of new plants while I removed some more of the burnt branches and also planted some vygies along the entrance path.


The main picnic area has also been tidied up and it is good to see that most of the trees we planted last year are surviving quite well considering the fire and the drought.

In the meantime the nursery has become something of a stepchild as there is just no time to look after it properly. Thankfully the staff is doing some of the weeding but there is a lot more to be done.

May monthly meeting.

We may be overdoing it with the work parties judging by the bad turnouts but there is just so much to do. There may be light at the end of the tunnel as the cases of corruption and self-enrichment have been discovered in the municipality and one of the outcomes is that Goodman now has another team of six staff available to him to work in the reserve at times.

Rob, Keith and Cathy were determined to tackle some Podalyrias, Ellie went with her team behind the arboretum to sort out the aliens there whilst myself and Neil dug in a piece of pipe to the Cycad patch and then finished cutting down the burnt trees.


It is not quite the ideal entrance lane yet but as the vegetation recovers and we plant some more things it should be ok. The hard cleaning up work is done and now we can concentrate more on beautifying the place.

Most of the resprouters are doing fine including this Erythrina so there is hope.


Plumbing, finally?

We couldn’t wait to attach the hose connection and test last week plumbing and we were pleased with the outcome.


For some reason the water pressure has been excellent lately and we had quite an impressive fountain. It took a bit of effort to collect some rocks to make it a bit more porcupine proof but at least now we have an accessible tap to water the newly planted trees in that corner.


We also planted some Dietes there for some added interest.

Later checked out the electricity problem in Tony’s house and found a faulty breaker and an issue with the prepaid meter so need to buy some stuff to sort it out another time.