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Wednesday Walkers

We had to be at the Reserve early today because the Wednesday Walkers had told us they wanted to give us a donation as a thank you for laying out trails for them and what a generous donation it was.


They will probably make even more use of the Reserve now that other places such as Groendal and The Island Nature Reserve have pushed up their prices to a prohibitive level.

As a thank you I offered to guide them along the Boulder Trail which was much appreciated and they enjoyed the views even though it is very desolate after the fire and some sections of the path were a bit scary.

Further we busied ourselves with looking after the trees, trying to make the Aloe koppie a little more respectable and working in the nursery.

July monthly meeting

For various reasons most of the usual members could not make it today so we had a pathetic turnout  I had a faint hope some of the recent new Facebook friends would show up but no such luck.

One advantage of that was though that no lengthy explanations were required and like a well oiled machine we took 3 lengths of pipe to the fence and attached them in preparation for the reroute of our water supply. By now we are quite expert at unrolling the big coils of pipe and dragging them up and down the slope.


We are getting used to the burnt trees and ashes but hopefully Thomas and the other neighbours will grab the opportunity to do some serious clearing of the still standing bluegums. One can only dream.


In the afternoon we went to the Boulder Trail armed with loppers and pruning saw to clear the path. It turned out to be a lot more work than envisaged and we only got away after five.