On the fateful day of 14 March 2018 Neil came to help us to put the front corner posts in. When we started it looked like this:


It all went very well, posts were put in and even some railings. Neil left and we prepared to put in the final front brace when the whole structure scissored in slow motion, Ellie fell off and hurt her leg and it was all a big mess.

Thankfully we could contact Neil, he returned and together we managed to get it back up somehow but our perfectly square platform was now diamond shaped. We did not know how to fix that and decided to sleep on it.

The next day we independently came up with the same solution:


This funny thing is constructed from kitchen drawer slides and meant to be put under the platform, jacked up and help us to reshape the diamond back to a square. Serious stuff as you can see.


It worked like a charm and in no time we has it all sorted using the trusted 3-4-5 method.


There was even time to put the support for the floor in…


… and put on some more badly needed steps…


and make sure that it was properly braced!