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The Hide–Final touches

It was a special feeling today approaching the hide on a foggy morning and seeing it almost complete.

No doubt there will be remarks that there are few birds and, while the vegetation still recovers from the fire, that is probably true but we hope that the hide will provide a tranquil place just to sit for a while and gaze out at the mountain and the beauty around.


Without seats you can’t sit so we added some benches today, the usual rustic masterpieces made from burnt Widdringtonia trees from the Arboretum.


and it gave an immediate homely feeling, especially with the special pied crow handles on the sliding windows.


It is another feather in our chairman’s cap for being the inspiration and most capable assistant in this whole project. She has every reason to smile.


There are still a number of things to be done in due course to improve the stability and the approach to the walkway. In good time as there is much work in the nursery and elsewhere to be caught up with.

We hope the hide will be an asset to the Reserve for a good time to come and that we’ll see many positive remarks in our visitors book.

The Hide–Assembly

Two more transports:

the side walls and roof ridge


and the most important bay window


As I had put out my back and Ellie was still limping we relied on our fellow Fovs members and it was great to have our small team respond and work so well together.

We first sent in the inspection team of Ellie and Tammy.


Everything was marked and it was relatively simple to screw front and sides together.


Soon the it was the turn of the roof sections


and before lunchtime it was all put together. The only thing we forgot was champagne to celebrate.


The locals didn’t seem to be too perturbed.


A great day, great teamwork, great effort.

The Hide – Waterworks part 4

The initial plan was for Colin to help us to transport the hide from our house to Van Stadens. He couldn’t make it so we made a plan with our own trailer. Took the lid off and made a wooden platform. Our first load:


The floor and some roof sections with some other stuff inside. All went well driving slowly. Neil was waiting for us and we carried it to the platform. Check the safety boots.


We were so happy with this milestone it was time for a victory dance.


and some happy faces.


We left it nicely protected waiting for D-day.