Pillar, bench and islands in the dam

We were keen to finally finish the water supply in the arboretum but, as we hadn’t managed on the previous two occasions, Ellie was keen to repaint the footsteps on the Link Trail so she did that first while I did some ‘gardening’ on the trail clearing some particularly overgrown stretches between the Proteas in the beginning and then an even more overgrown section on the far side of the bridge.

It took longer than anticipated so we had no time to do anything else before coffee time. After coffee though we made swift progress with the plumbing and the top section of our pillar housing the tap and finished by lunchtime.

After lunch, although very hot, we carried on with the bench and managed to collect suitably large rocks to make into a relatively comfortable seat.


It may not look like much but we are very content with it.

The pesky stopper at the end of the pipe kept popping off so we plan to glue it on soon.

IMGP2168Rob and Jenny had planted the trees on the islands in the dam so I waded across to take a pic: