Busy busy today, not even time for pictures so a quick summary of what got done is in order.

On arrival Ellie noticed Goodman was in his office so she gate-crashed a meeting he had there with Tony and another to discuss a few things such as the cross, the arboretum, the specimen tags etc. while I went to the Fovs room to load up the brush cutter. Good to hear they really like the specimen name tags.

We then drove to the arboretum where Rob was busy clearing Bohemia’s by the Xhosa huts and. while Ellie went and said hello, I got going with mowing all the paths. Amazing how much better it looks with just a bit of grass cut.

We then connected the hosepipe to the rest of the old sprinkler network to locate the next leak which we found pretty quickly. Over time we want to fix it but absolutely low priority.

After the rains it was really lovely to do a bit of gardening in the moist soil so we cleared a lot of grass out of the rockery by the tap and did some replanting.

After tea we planted another pole with an arrow to indicate the path through the arboretum and Ellie removed a whole lot of Bryophyllum by the Albizia, apparently they also liked the rain, while I raked and trimmed the path through forest glade.

After lunch we stayed in the nursery to dig up more slabs by the shade house and do some levelling. We got quite far but not quite enough yet.

Lastly we returned to the arboretum to varnish the new sign