Weedeated fynbos path and more in arboretum, porcupine has munched all Babania bulbs. Ellie cleared all ericas around Dell with help from Goodman, big improvement. After tea Ellie continued with the help of Rob, digging out Dietes was hard work. I reconnected Misting House waterpipe with the main water supply, nobody knows where the water can be switched off so I did it under pressure. Of course I got soaked. I tried the timer and although the valve makes a clicking sound it does not open so must be taken apart next time. Went to help with the Dietes till lunchtime. Cathy did lots of potting in the greenhouse. After lunch watered succulents in greenhouse, filled in hole by Misting House and did some more Dietes removal before going to the arboretum to plant a whole lot of Dietes in the Gem. On the way out put the picnic table by the Xhosa huts in a new position and dug the poles in then weeded for half an hour on the east bank of the entrance circle. Finally tidied up in the nursery and gave one of the working for water a lift to town. Most of the fynbos in front of conference centre burnt, most likely cause a stompie from a car as fire started along N2.