A beautiful winters day, very fresh to start of with but warming up quickly.


A trailer full of repotted and bagged plants was offloaded and given a place in the shade house and general nursery. Later Ellie, Cathy and Rob replaced another piece of groundsheet in the nursery and moved the Strelizia nicolai there. We can now move more plants out and still have comfortable walkways.


A bunch of general maintenance stuff, the dead tree along the path near the Albizia had fallen over blocking the path so that, along with some Chrysanthemoides, was removed.

IMGP6661 Mark’s marsh needed refreshing so we switched on the water, I am a bit worried because the pressure seems not to be quite there. Porcupine diggings by Bob’s burial were filled in and cut keurbooms removed from behind the Gem. Plenty more work to be done.

Misting house:

IMGP6659The misters were still working and the plants looked good.

Showed Tony and he was most impressed.

IMGP6680 Unfortunately heater not working so I took off thermostat and later found the problem as the mechanism full of sand and ants. Cleaned it out and seems to be working again so will put it back next time.

Took the old vrot picnic benches, left behind the shed to vrot some more, apart to salvage some wood to fix the loose fibreglass sheets to the frame. Turned out to be quite a job as all the nuts were welded to the bolts so had to do some angle grinding first.

Thanks to the “experts” telling us last year that we could leave the bunnytails in the circle we now have thousands of seedlings coming up so we still spent an hour weeding away. Every week a section and we should be able to keep up.

More plants need repotting so we filled up some bags with soil to take along and on the way home stopped at the sawmill to collect some bags of sawdust to ‘sweeten’ the soil only to realise when we got home that we had forgotten to take potting bags Sad smile