Just an update as the whole story with our water supply has not been conducive to writing.

Our workparty last Saturday predictably did not attract a whole bunch of people. We expected that and did not organize much work, in fact the first hour or so was spent just chatting and after that some weeding and moving of plants in the nursery was done. The greenhouse looks rather empty now, we will have plenty of space once the sprays are sorted out. We will replace some of the sprays with misting heads to see if that will improve coverage. It works well in the misting house so it is worth a try, the only problem is that they are hard to come by.

The latest ‘mission impossible’ is the fixing of another picnic table. The idea is to make one out of the wood salvaged from this lot.

Underneath the grime and algae of many years of service the wood is still remarkably sound so, with a lot of work, it might be possible. Neil got stuck into dismantling them and when he left I carried on only to cut my leg quite badly on a protruding bolt.

In the early afternoon Brenton of geocaching fame visited as he plans to hold a geocaching event at the Reserve on the 24th of September. He gave us an introduction of the various types of geocaches and Ellie and Rob showed him around the Reserve to scout for possible locations and also some tasks for them to do such as hacking, moving rocks and planting trees. Hopefully the event will do well.

There are actually already quite a few caches in the Reserve. All info at www.geocaching.com

Finally, on Wednesday this week. instead of our usual trip to Van Stadens we collected discarded potting soil from the municipal nursery, two trips with full trailer and more bags in the back of the car left us with quite a bit of soil.