The intervening week gave us some time to crystallize some ideas about how best to shape the braai area and make it a little more inviting than just a cleared out rusty old aviary. The idea is to separate the sitting area from the fire and smoke area and, as the site is quite exposed to the sun, to cover the seating area with shade cloth. The old bird baths make a good base for a fire but the ones on the west side are too close to the vegetation so these will be demolished. Also, the dividing walls between the sections are quite a pain to step over so Tony promised to chop a layer of bricks off those so the old people like the Wednesday walkers won’t trip over them.

We cleared out all the accumulated rubbish, including an old windscreen smashed into a thousand pieces and took it home to go into our weekly dirt bags and got a test fire going.


The greenhouse has some issues with the sprinkler system, the sprinkler heads clog up and the cone-shaped spray turns into a downward jet, it needs some redesign. The success of the misting house set us thinking to rather use misting jets and to this and we bought one to try it out and indeed it gives a much better coverage. The idea is now to equip the shelves underneath the new, clear roof section with misters to use on the seed trays for which there is no more space in the misting house. This means though that we will have to buy another timer to regulate this section of the greenhouse separately.

Finally the bench is taking shape. The wood is difficult to work with due to the years of dirt and grime imbedded in the wood causing blunt tools in no time but so far it looks promising.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have this kind of paving in the braai area.