So little time, so much to do as there is only a month left until the Open Day. It looks like the sign we put at the entrance has generated a good deal of interest as people have been asking at the office what plants will be for sale. Of course they had no idea so we gave them a printout of the database on our website. I had grand ideas to have a stocktake and put the quantities on the website but cannot find the resources so names only will have to do.

One of the decisions at last Sunday’s braai was not to put individual labels in every pot or bag but rather have a colour code indicating the price and have a notice board with names and pictures as this is a lot less work. To this end Cathy and Ellie wielded their brushes and went dotty.


In the meantime I cleaned the old and blistering paint off the noticeboard we recovered from the scrapheap in the old aviary. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble with this beautiful design and I felt bad obliterating it but it will be very useful to stick our plant pictures on.


Unfortunately Rob has been in a car accident and due to the feeble excuse of a few cracked bones in his right hand wasn’t able to do any work. Keith on the other hand wielded the chain saw and other implements to good effect to cut down Strelizias around the parking area.


In the foreground you see some bad news, the toilets cannot handle the increased usage and quite a cesspool is developing behind the toilets, A solution needs to be quickly found and implemented.

Further it needs to be mentioned that the staff has potted up more Aloes to put on the sale and also has sown more Proteaceae to keep the cycle going for next year.