Wednesday was a typical bergwind day so we found it more advisable to go the day after. This turned out to be a very good decision as it was ideal for working.

Armed with the brush cutter sporting a brand new blade we tackled the section from the power line to the Lilly Pond with great gusto, Ellie widened the path through the Proteas while I got going on the Erica’s. Unfortunately no pics as the new camera is not quite water- and dustproof.

We were by ourselves so we did not have to trek to the Fovs room for tea or lunch which should have save a bit of time but instead we talked to Patrick who just returned from some hacking at the edge of the forest and learned quite a few anecdotes of the early days of the Reserve.

On the way home we were very curious if Working For Water had done as they promised and cut a few blue gums down. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we crossed the flyover and saw that ALL the trees were down.

If Ellie looks surprised it is because she is.

Looking at the size of the stumps we realized that it would have been a heck of a job to do that ourselves.

Bit of a cheek to pose like that with someone else’s work, all I did was talk nicely at the Van Stadens Forum meeting and hey presto, what seemed impossible is now done. Not only that, they will also come back and cut it all up and the Goodman will get it all cleared up.

Bit of a downer though that the rest of the group did not seem to share our excitement but we think it is quite an achievement towards an blue gum free picnic site.