Our monthly meeting and a good opportunity to do something about the overgrown entrance circle and also to finish off the edging of the west bank. We had our usual small group of volunteers when there is work to be done. The advantage of this is that they don’t need much in way of instruction or showing so they all got stuck in while I went off to clear some more of the pine tree logs.

P1020092A few loads of these to the arboretum where we will distribute them and provide food and nesting places for the bugs and in due time turn to compost.

When I returned to the circle there was amazing progress in spite of the chatter and banter.

Digging up the invading grass was quite a job, so were some Searsia stumps but the result was so satisfying that teatime was delayed somewhat because the job had to finished. I wonder if we will get any reaction at the Van Stadens forum on Thursday.

After the break Ellie wanted a table moved on the picnic site, quite a job judging by the body language.

The poor trailer was creaking under the load but we got there.

After lunch we relaxed and had a nice group stroll around the arboretum area identifying this and that and when everyone had gone we had another look for a flowering Aloe gracilis.

That still wasn’t quite it, we were curious if the Nymph trail wasn’t overgrown yet so we walked a section and were treated to a lovely sight on Turtle Creek, all our ducks in a row:

While there we saw interesting spoor, hopefully Rob can identify some of them.

Finally, finally back to the office to tidy up, put the chairs straight and get the things back to the Fovs room.