No, not the month but the new interim manager. Goodman is on a month leave and in the meantime December has been seconded from Settlers Park to look after the Reserve and he is cracking the whip. All of the staff are weeding and trimming both traffic circles amongst other things. I have never seen them work so hard. Some of our precious plants are trampled in the process but still well worth it. We lost no time to impress on December that the Xhosa hut needs sorting out and that everything needs to look spic and span on the Open Day.

We mainly concentrated on the shade house and nursery and after tea put up the braai sign:


Keith cut some more wood slices for the sale, we now have a whole heap and after lunch I took the brush cutter to prepare for the geocacher’s upcoming task of clearing a large Strelizia nicolai and also widened a section of the Nymph trail while Ellie took on her role as tourguide with the Redhouse Garden Club which was much appreciated.