The annual Geocaching event took place at the Reserve today in much better weather than the persistent rain last year. We got roped in to man what they call roadblocks but didn’t mind because at these roadblocks the six teams had to do some work for us.

Tree planting:


Ellie in charge of the planting of twenty trees to replace the blue gums, by now we have planted quite a forest for our grandchildren’s children to enjoy.

Podalyria hacking:


Cathy got them busy with pulling out many Podalyria seedlings, still many to go but we are making a difference.

Protea moving:


Keith managed to get 750 bags with Proteacea moved from the nursery to the platform, no mean feat.

Strelizia hacking:


I made good use of the muscle power provided to get rid of two massive Strelizia plants along the Lilly Pond so the source of seedlings is now greatly reduced. One more to go and we will be rid of the invader in that area.

After all the hard work it was time for relaxing which they did in style at the braai area.