It really was a day to stay home, the forecast was rain the whole day and for once the forecast was right. The sensible people in out group let us know they weren’t coming but we still needed to take more plants to the reserve and there was still lots to prepare so we packed some dry clothes and off we went.

Goodman was back from leave so we popped in and had a chat, quite subdued, it seems that the recent organizational changes will take him some time to get used to.


We offloaded the trailer in the pouring rain and Ellie reorganized the plants on the platform and brought some more from the nursery and the shade house while I got stuck into sorting our the Fovs room so we’ll have some space on Saturday. At least I had a roof over my head even though there are a few leaks.

Miraculously it cleared just enough after lunch to allow us to fix the tap on the main picnic site with hopefully a more vandal proof arrangement.


When that was done I thought it was time to go home but first needed to find out why the toilet wasn’t flushing. Somehow someone had managed to crack a bracket in the cistern, hopefully we can fix that before Saturday.


The forecast for the rest of the week is reasonable but I’m afraid that the tracks will be quite soggy for the runners and the cyclist and probably for the wheelbarrows as well. There seems to be a lot of interest though so we hope for a good day.