A while ago I muttered about all the rain we had, justified as it turns out as 2015 was the wettest in the past five years, but now it is time to complain about the lack of rain and the hot spell we are enduring.

Luckily most of the work we planned was either in the shade house or in the arboretum and not in the full sun unlike Rob who hacked merrily along the River Walk. Started off with Ellie sewing the seams of the shade cloth patch we did last week and me carrying on with the weeding. Just to weed the shade house turns out to be quite a job so we were most impressed and thankful when four of the staff turned up to do much needed weeding in the nursery proper.

After tea we turned our attention to the little pond in the arboretum which was losing water way too quickly and found that roots had penetrated the patches in the plastic so we sorted that out and remodelled it slightly. It took a little longer than expected so we had a late lunch.

In the afternoon Ellie finished the sewing while I made sure that the added space was taken up quickly by rearranging the pots and bags so once again the shade house is full.

Then, in the little time that was left, E collected some small Strelizia regina plants and seeds while I still busied myself in the “Gem” which has become quite overgrown.