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Ride on

Ellie decided a while ago that it would be a good idea to fix the ride on mower which has been languishing for about five years in the shed with a broken engine. She used her charms on the various committee members to get them to agree and this is the result:


Tony does not have to push the domestic-size petrol lawnmower anymore to mow the vast expanses around the various buildings and the nursery. We have been quite vocal to make everybody understand that the mower has to be looked after and that we will inspect from time to time.

Part of the overall plan with the bird hide was also to make a path to connect the hide with the Nymph trail and this was duly done. It runs from the Strelizia to below the dam wall. It was very overgrown so it needs a bit more work to neaten it up but at least we could stand and admire the result so far.


The Ericas are beautiful there, there is also quite a bad bramble infestation.