The past few months I have not only been busy building the bird hide but also got some more grey hairs programming an interface for our weather station to the internet. Last week it was installed in the Fovs room and today it was time to mount it outside.


So far it is working well and we are building up a database so we can plot various graphs at a later stage.

There were also some finishing touches to be done on the hide.


Rob’s bird poster went up, it even got dainty little feet…


We installed sliding shutters at the back so the icy wind no longer blew in our neck…


A door sill was added to protect the floor and we hauled some heavy rocks to make the steps a little sturdier.

In the afternoon we also started on the windbreak on the platform so we will be able to move the Proteas out of the shade house a bit sooner for the Open Day.