Moving Proteas to the platform before very Open Day is a schlepp and it would be much easier to move them earlier and also straight from the shade house.

Two problems, water and wind.

The first one was solved a little while ago when the I managed to open the rusted stopcock of the water supply to the sprinklers on the platform but the second needed some more work.

With a bit of lateral thinking we came to a solution making good use of discarded materials such as the poles from the old bird hide, the metal pipes from the burnt rondavel and the old shade cloth from the first shade house extension.

Last week the poles were planted and, thanks to the Woodridge guys carrying the pipes to the nursery, we could make some supports today and concrete them in.


Looks a bit bent and twisted, good metaphor for Fovs, but it will do the trick, the next step will be to string some wires and attach the shade cloth.

After tea Ellie treated the misting house with some disinfectant as we haven’t had good rooting results lately and she discovered that the sheeting on one side was terribly loose and ready to blow off so that needed some emergency repairs. It looks a bit patchy now, too bad.

After lunch we still spent some time clearing the bird hide path a bit more and then had good intentions to do some more in the arboretum but the weather turned rather unpleasant so we laughed that off.