Wednesday was a truly miserable day weather-wise so we decided to postpone it till today which turned out to be a very good idea.

The plan was to secure the other droppers as well and put the shade cloth on for the windbreak. It all worked out quite well and this is the result:


I think the biggest job was the blanket stitching of the shade cloth to the wires, thankfully we ran out of string as Ellie’s hands really got painful. In the meantime I moved some Proteas already from the shade house to the platform to make some space for the next transport.

During the week I also fashioned some slats for Rob’s bench out of some wood donated by Neil and that had to be fitted and varnished.


In hindsight the collars are probably a bit of overkill but at least they cover the holes. We took it all apart again and Rob gave it a first coat. Between Rob and the chairlady it was decided to put the bench in a special place in the Arboretum once it is finished.

During the week Tony apparently bulldozed a path near the bird hide to collect some fill for the road so we were concerned and went to inspect it. Thankfully it does not really impact on what we have done and his tracks missed the trees we planted by a hair.

Over the weekend the weather station stopped working and by a process of elimination worked out it had to be the batteries. We replaced them on Sunday and it worked again but it did not want to communicate with the internet. We left it and on Monday night for some reason it started to work again. Time to rig up a power supply rather than use batteries.