Our monthly meeting exploring the back of Ladyslipper to see what had come up after the fire was not very popular, only six people took part. I stayed behind to clear some of the outstanding items off my to-do list, just Wednesdays just isn’t enough as the handyman work just piles up.

The walk turned out to be a little more than was expected, Ellie took them to the top by the towers and there was even a rock scramble involved.



In the meantime I secured the new tap by the water drums to a piece of wood, finished rebagging 75 Gasterias, fixed a few things in the greenhouse and measured up for the shelves in the misting house.

In between I also entertained some visitors who were interested in the nursery.

The party returned from the mountain quite late for coffee, munched some cake and dispersed while Ellie and I had some lunch and went to the bird hide to make a more suitable place for the visitors book.



Pretty, isn’t it?