Whilst we could get by in the nursery using municipal water for the time being the community veggie garden is entirely dependant on our pipe so we decided to tackle that first.

It turned out to be quite a complicated affair as our next door neighbour, Thomas, is not keen to have our pipe across his land and suggested we use this opportunity to reroute it along his perimeter. This adds a considerable distance but at least it would run through a servitude and be accessible to us.

Thanks to the generosity of various people we managed to get the pipe donated as Ellie’s FB post shows:

A very big THANK YOU to Wesley Goddard from Ideal valves, to Andre Pietersen from Multi plastics and Kyle Trytsman from Astore, you all made this possible. If it wouldn’t have been for your generous donations we would never have been able to get this fixed already. The community vegi’s got water this afternoon and from what we heard they are already looking much happier. Just a thank you is far not powerful enough for the gift you have given!

We would not be able to finish the whole project in one go so Ellie used her considerable charms to talk Thomas into allowing us to do a temporary repair and just replace the burnt pipe across his land which we set out to do together with Cathy, Keith and Rob and also with David and Tony from the Farming God’s Way vegetable garden project.


Ellie checking out where we can attach the new pipe with the arboretum in the far distance.


The damaged pipe snaking through the burnt trees.


The new temporary pipe being laid.


Part of the new route where we attach the pipe to the fence.


Rob opened the stopcock on the far side and, after what felt like an eternity, the water is flowing again.

Tony is very happy he can water his plants again.