Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today we had a Friends of Van Stadens meeting. We worked in the nursery and afterwards a select group went out to see if we could find the old waterpipe which used to supply Van Stadens with untreated water from the lower Van Stadens dam. This pipe has not been used for over forty years so you can imagine it will be a bit of a puzzle to find the route.

With the help of the local municipal plumber we had found the location of the connection to the main pipe and it was decided to dig that up at a later date and turn on the tap but today we wanted to see if we could find the remnants of the pipe on Stuart Gibson’s property.


Here Mr Gibson is showing us the location of a manhole about halfway between the main supply and the Reserve. From here two 2” metal pipe lead some way down the slope and then end.


At least it is a start, it will take some sleuthing though to trace the rest of the pipe in this kind of terrain.


—- ooo O ooo —