Friday, 01 April 2011

Popped out to find the leak we discovered a few days ago and see what we needed to fix it. It rained quite a lot yesterday and, combined with the leakage, made for quite muddy soil. We duly asked permission from the ‘madala’ who lives on the plot, he looks a hundred years old and did the usual digging across the wet patch, uncovering all sorts of paraphernalia, including an old jacket, wire, glass and plastic. We have developed a sixth sense for pipes though as we found it in no time but it was intact at that spot.

I then turned the valve back on to see which way we needed to dig and it was quite obviously towards the road and soon we discovered the site of a previous repair gone bad. It had been fixed with a piece of pvc pipe and was leaking badly at the joint and on top of it it also had a bad kink so we presume fixing it will also increase the flow.

As we were debating how to fix it one of the local youngsters arrived and he pointed out it was not the only leak and showed us another wet spot further on so we decided the best option is to shove our 32mm mdpe pipe through the asbesos pipe along the entire length and be done with it. Neil will get the jointing materials tomorrow and hopefully we can tackle the job on Sunday after the official outing.

It was just too muddy and dirty to take pictures, we were not too dirty though to pop in at Falcon Rock for a deserved  refreshment.


Nice place to chill on a Friday afternoon, fortunately for us the waiter had removed the evidence just before the picture was taken: